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Desert Heat Reptile Sand (10 Pounds) - Perfect for Both a Hamster Sand and Reptile Sand Usage. Designed for Multiple Species Including The Bearded Dragon

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The proper sand is imperative to animal health. Whether you are looking for the perfect sand for your bearded dragon tank to pair with a reptile heat lamp, or you are looking for a premium sand to use in your hamster cage to maintain both cleanliness and as a hamster bath sand, our sand has you covered! Our premium washed sand has no added dyes or chemicals. This is imperative to maintain overall health of your pet along with not dying them a different color! As a natural substrate, our desert sand helps to stimulate natural digging and burrowing behavior. By helping mimic these natural conditions, your pet will be happy and content for years and years! As a heat conductor, sand is the perfect bedding to pair with any name brand basking lamp or heat bulb. We pride ourselves in providing great hamster accessories and reptile accessories that help you maximize every other product you buy. We are always here to help any questions that may come up when it comes to sand for aquarium usage!

  • { Washed Sand } Our undyed sand creates a naturalistic and attractive environment for desert reptile species and hamsters alike. With no added dyes or chemicals that could harm or dye your pet. Help keep them safe and comfortable at all times!
  • { Perfect for Multiple Species } Ideal for helping regulate terrariums that house either tropical or desert varieties of reptiles and amphibians including Bearded Dragons, Skinks, Leopard Geckos, Tegus, and more!
  • { Great For Hamsters } Our washed sand makes for the perfect hamster bedding and is great to be used as a hamster sand bath. Keep your cage and hamster clean with our quality sand!
  • { Natural Substrate } Our premium sand is able to give your reptiles the feel of digging, scavenging, and burrowing as they would do in the wild, which makes them happy and healthy.
  • { Excellent Heat Conductor } When paired with quality heat lamp bulbs for reptiles, our natural sand help maintain the perfect environment for our warm blooded friends.