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Peach Country Humane Smart Mouse Trap Live Catch and Release Plastic Automatic Rodent Mouse Live Trap

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Peach Country Smart & Humane Mouse Trap -Extremely Durable Design We use more durable ABS material and add air holes meant to prevent mouse choke to death -Extremely Humane This mousetrap is very much humane. It does not inflict any pain on the mouse. The trap door too isn't triggered unless the mouse gets close to the trap's far end, which means that the tail will not get caught by the trap. -Extremely Safe There isn't any poison or glue used for this trap. The trap is therefore safe for children as well as pets and can be used indoor & outdoor. There isn't any contact with mice or whatever mouse droppings, therefore there isn't any chance for bites or disease risks. How It Works 1.Place the bait (What is recommended as a bait for this kid of trap is the peanut butter) in just a small compartment in one of the ends, open holes should face the trap's inside. This is going to lure the mouse into the trap, where the smell comes from. 2.Open the gate on that other end. As the mouse moves to the other end to reach the bait, the weight of the mouse is going to move to the farthest fulcrum side triggering the trap and the gate is going to close. 3.Once you catch the mouse in the trap, take the whole trap outdoors where you lift the compartment for food in order to open your trap. The mouse will then run out. Specification: Product Size: 12-inches x 3-inches x 3- inches. Product Package Included: 1-Smart Mouse Trap and one Manual.

High Quality: Durable ABS material with air holes to prevent mice and rats from suffocating. Design that is very user-friendly.

Child and Pet Safe: Catch & Release rodents, moles, voles and other intruders with our Mouse Traps that work. Our extra big cage catches all animals live big and small.

Easy to use and effective: Open the tail door & place the bait in the food Compartment and after that open the spring door. The mouse is going to enter this trap & the spring door just closes in time

Mouse trap allows a safe transport for human and animal. The closing mechanism keeps the animal safe in the live trap and protects from bites and scratches. Safe for children and pets

Simply clean and reuse - The compartments are removable & can be cleaned with ease. Simply rinse using water and reset it.