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Are you remodeling your front or backyard? Do you have the tractor and tractor supplies you need, but not the planting supplies? At Peach Country Tractor, we not only offer tractors and tractor supplies but landscaping materials, as well! We carry various types of mulch and can help you pick the best one for your project. We are the mulch supplier you can count on – we’ve been around for more than 30 years and know what the residents of Mullica Hill want and need.

Many Mulch Options Available for Sale in Mullica Hills

We offer many types of mulch that can match any look and feel you are going for. Whether it be a dark, light, or even colored, we have bulk mulch available for purchase at our South Jersey location. You can even contact us and we can deliver it right to your door!

Other Types of Landscaping Materials:


Sand is a material that can add a very relaxed, beautiful look to your landscape. Here at Peach Country Tractor, we offer you many different colors of sand, such as white, concrete, yellow bar, and more. To see what we have to offer in terms of sand, please click here. If you’re interested in purchasing sand, you can either order it online or come to our store here in Mullica Hill.


Topsoil is an important part of all landscapes since it is where the nutrients are found in soil. These nutrients provide the sustenance needed for your plants to grow large and strong. With Peach Country Tractor’s topsoil, you’ll be able to grow anything from shrubs to trees. We are the top mulch company in all of Mullica Hill and carry only the best products in our store. If you aren’t sure how much topsoil you need for your property, just click here to use our handy topsoil calculator before you make an order with us. If you already know how much topsoil you need, you can conveniently order online from us!


Stone is also another popularly used item when it comes to landscaping. If you don’t like how flat your soil looks and think sand is too flat as well, stone is a great choice if you want to perk up your landscape. Stones have natural shapes and colors that can make your yard unique. By giving it a unique shape, stones can really add dimension. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but it also helps your soil reduce moisture, which can help your plants grow better. The best thing about stone is that it doesn’t decompose, which means it’ll be there to stay in your yard for practically forever. If you want Peach Country Tractor to supply you with beautiful stone and gravel, just click here. You’ll be able to make a purchase either online or by visiting us in person!

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