Soil Blending

Soil Remediation Services in South Jersey

Peach Country Tractor Inc. is pleased to announce its newest addition, the Imants Deep Spader.

With a width of 9 ½ feet wide, an adjustable working depth of 20″ to 40″, and extra spade arms to increase mixing capacity, the Imants Deep Spader is ideal for all sites in need of soil remediation.

Soil Remediation South Jersey Photo 1Peach Country Tractor is currently pursuing projects that require soil mixing of agricultural sites contaminated with pesticides and its individual constituents. As a result, PCT owns and operates one of the world’s most state of the art, cost efficient soil treatment technologies in the environmental marketplace. Our services reach the tri-state area: New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware.

Spaders produce loose broken topsoil with well-mixed crop residues and soil amendments. Soil from a spader looks very similar to soil missed by using the hand double digging technique. Double digging is a tedious but effective method of rehabilitating degraded lands that are widely used in organic gardening, permaculture, and French Intensive gardening.

Deep digging with a large spader can eliminate old plow or rototiller pans and will open up the subsoil admitting air and moisture which help increase water holding capacity, improve fertility, and enable extensive root systems to develop.

Soil Remediation South Jersey Photo 3The reciprocating spader does not invert or mix the full soil’s profile like a rototiller, which in arid lands is very desirable as nutrients and organic matter are concentrated near the surface, the spaders ability to penetrate hard surfaces allows it to work in dry compacted soils where rototillers, plows, and discs are not effective.

The mechanical spader does days of hard work in a matter of minutes. In today’s real-estate market, time is a monetary investment. PCT’s agenda for pesticide impacted soil remediation effectively saves developers time and money in the land development process. By insistently blending soils, PCT has the ability to dilute pesticide concentrations in the soil and achieves closure standards set by New Jersey.

Spaders can work in soils with loose rocks where a tiller would jam of bounce. The spades help push the tractor forward thus reducing the energy required to work a field and minimizing the Soil Remediation South Jersey Photo 2chance of getting stuck. Even in marginal conditions. This reduces soil smearing, rutting, and compaction from wheel or track dynamics.

In trials comparing 3 rototillers and a spader, the spader provides the best distribution of materials through the soil profile. Anyone who has used this method can appreciate the tremendous benefit it provides for the soil.

This method of mixing soil has been accepted by The NJDEP

NOTE: Depth of blending is determined by a testing agency and Environmental authorities.