Landscape Supply

Landscape Supply in Mullica Hill

Peach Country Tractor supplies the best quality mulches, soils, and organic compost in the area. We also stock stone, sand, and various other landscaping and gardening products. We are a one-stop shop for all your landscaping and gardening needs. Feel free to give us a call for a quote or for help with all of your outdoor projects. When it comes to landscape materials, Peach Country Tractor carries only the best because we believe that our family should supply superior quality products to yours.

Quality Supplies

Are you someone who likes to do landscaping by yourself as a DIY hobby? Peach Country Tractor is your local landscape supply company you can always count on to provide you with the best in mulch, topsoil, and stone you can find around. Not only that, but we also have equipment you can either purchase or rent from us to make your landscaping job easier. When you use Peach Country Tractor as your landscaping source, you’ll always end up with results that will take your breath away.


Do you need mulch for your remodeling project? Peach Country Tractor’s got it for you! In addition to meeting your landscape supply needs, we also carry a wide range of mulch so you can pick one out that is just perfect for your needs. With the right type of mulch, your greenery will grow so beautifully that all your neighbors will be jealous. Not only that, but it will also make your landscape so much more interesting and vibrant. To order mulch from us today, please click here. Our business can supply you with mulch either through online orders to orders placed in our store.


If you’re interested in getting sand for your landscape, please click here. For people who like to give off a friendly, relaxed vibe, sand is the perfect way to do it. You can use sand in a variety of ways, not just for aesthetic reasons! For example, you can scatter it around the your property to prevent weeds from growing, or you can scatter it around the edge of your yard to add color and dimension to your property. The possibilities are endless with our sand products, especially since they come in a variety of colors.


The predecessor to sand, stone is a popular choice for homeowners as well. Not only can it give your yard a unique look, but it can also help your soil from too much moisture retention. By eliminating excess water, you’ll see a vast improvement in your shrubbery, trees, and other greenery. If you’re interested in making a purchase for stone, please click here.


In order for your plants to grow in a healthy manner, you almost certainly need topsoil. The majority of nutrients are found in topsoil, so it’s a wise choice to have topsoil in addition to regular soil on your property. To order topsoil from Peach Country Tractor, please click here.

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