Mole Scram Professional 22 Lbs Organic Mole Repellent Covers 16;500 Sq Ft Moles

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Mole Scram Professional repellent works two ways. Using all natural ingredients, the repellent coats moles' food - worms and grubs - with a bad taste. Other ingredients make mole tunnels and surrounding soil smell disagreeable to them. These changes to mole's environment drive them out of the application area. Professonal grade high performance product proven to work Easy to use - just apply; no spraying, no mixing All season use The mole repellent should be applied every 30 days All natural product - DOES NOT HARM ANIMALS No poisons or traps that kill 22 lb. bucket covers 15,000 square feet

Castor Oil - 17.0% , Citronella Oil - .9997% , Garlic Oil - .0003% , Peanut Hulls - 82%

Lawns, Gardens and Landscaped areas

22 lbs. covers approximately 15,000 sq. ft.