Frequently Asked Questions about Tenacity Herbicide

Frequently Asked Questions about Tenacity Herbicide

What is Tenacity Herbicide?

Manufactured by Syngenta, Tenacity is one of the safest and most effective weedkillers on the market. It targets and effectively kills weeds like crabgrass, nutsedge, dandelions, clover, and others, either before they sprout (pre-emergent control) or after you notice patches of weeds on your lawn (post-emergent).

Is Tenacity Herbicide safe for use around children and pets?

Once this weedkiller has dried on your lawn, it is safe and non-toxic for children and pets. The active ingredient is mesotrione, a sulfur compound derived from the bottlebrush plant. Tenacity was granted a ‘reduced-risk’ status by the Environmental Protection Agency and does not contain cancer-causing ingredients.

Is Tenacity Herbicide toxic?

This herbicide is toxic to many kinds of weeds but has been deemed safe to use on lawns where children and pets play.

How does Tenacity Herbicide work?

The compounds in Tenacity disrupt photosynthesis in weeds by blocking enzymes needed for plant growth. You will see the leaves on the weeds turn pale as the weed dies, so healthy grass can take over.

How long does it take Tenacity to work?

Tenacity starts working within a few days. You will notice that the weeds begin to lose their green color and die. The manufacturer suggests leaving the dying weeds to compost naturally. Stubborn weeds may need a second treatment about three weeks later. If you plant grass seed to fill in that area, it is best to do it during the second Tenacity treatment. Extremely stubborn weed patches may need a third treatment, but you should wait an additional three weeks.

How do you mix, and how much Tenacity is used for best results?

You will need Tenacity Herbicide, a pump sprayer, water, and a non-ionic surfactant to help the weed killer stick to the plants. Food coloring or a turf coloring agent is recommended to mark the areas where the weed killer has been sprayed. It is easy to mix, following directions on the bottle. The optimum mixture to put into a pump sprayer is:

  • Two gallons of water
  • One teaspoon of Tenacity
  • Three teaspoons of a good quality non-ionic surfactant
  • Food coloring or turf coloring agent (so you don’t layer on too much weedkiller)

How long does Tenacity Herbicide last?

Once mixed in a pump sprayer, the herbicide should be used within 24 hours. However, Tenacity stored in its original bottle and unmixed has a shelf-life of 3 to 5 years.

When is it best to apply Tenacity Herbicide?

This herbicide is best used to a dry lawn in the spring or fall, making sure the air temperature is not above 80 degrees at the time of application. It takes about 2 hours to dry, and then it is OK to let pets and children play on the grass. Rain or a rise in temperatures after two hours will not affect the weed killer’s effectiveness.

What does Tenacity Herbicide kill?

This weedkiller kills many nuisance weeds in your lawn, including crabgrass, nutsedge, ground ivy, dandelions, bentgrass, and many dicots and monocot broadleaf weeds, without harming properties.

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