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Why is mulch important in gardening and landscaping? Mulch is great for your garden. It reduces weeds, helps prevent water evaporation and soil erosion, adds some nutrients, and improves the quality of the soil, making your landscape look attractive and finished. What are the various kinds of mulch available? There are a variety of organic and inorganic mulches. Wood chips and bark, shredded to varying degrees, are the most popular organic mulches. They are natural, so they absorb moisture, break down into plant-friendly matter, and can be put directly on top of the soil. Inorganic mulches, like rubber mulch or...

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Let’s take a closer look at mulch – the material that is spread over a garden surface to block weeds, inhibit soil erosion, nourish the soil, and make your plantings look pretty. There is so much more to mulch than meets the eye (or the back), so we’re going to jump right in. Depending on your gardening goals, either organic mulch or inorganic mulch may be your ticket to a beautiful landscape cover. Organic mulch is made from natural materials spread directly over the soil that break down over time. It suppresses weeds and adds nutrients to the soil as...

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