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Dive Rite In Premium Soda Ash Designed as a PH Increaser for Pool and Washing Soda for Tie Dying and Everyday Usage - 15 Pound Value Bucket to Handle Multiple Uses.

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  • { Tried and True } Washing Soda, also known as Soda Ash has been around for thousands of years. It is a product that has been trusted from the Ancient Egyptians to now! Why look any further for a diverse, multi-use product?
  • { Keep Conditions Ideal } Keep your pool at the perfect swimming PH! Our soda ash for swimming pool usage will raise PH levels in pools when under 7.2. Ideal Pool and Spa PH is 7.4.
  • { Less Harsh } Using sodium carbonate is ideal for those looking to limit harsh chemicals. Simply measure the required amount for efficient PH increasing, cleaning, and washing machines.
  • { Protect Your Expensive Equipment } Harsh chemicals can wreak havoc on your pool equipment. Dive Rite In soda ash helps prevent corrosion to this expensive equipment and pool discoloration from dissolved materials.
  • { Hypoallergenic With No Phosphates } Due to the less harshness of sodium carbonate, swim, clean, and wash at ease knowing that it will help reduce eye and skin irritation by neutralizing water acidity!
  • { Tie Dye Powder } Using soda ash for tie dye projects helps you maximize bright and vibrant color schemes to let any project stand out safely and effectively!
  • { Multi-Usage } It is commonly used as a household cleaner, in tie-dying, making powdered soaps, and softening water. Also used to make non-powdered-soaps, paper, and glass.